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Privacy Policy

By using our website loan application form you are bound in an agreement to comply with the below listed terms and conditions.

Protecting the privacy of your information - We take strict measures to ensure the security of your information. All the loan applications submitted through this website are automatically sent to the lenders and are saved at their secure database. None of the applications or any information contained in it is saved in our systems/servers.

We collect only the related information for loan processing - The loan application form has only those enquiry fields that are required for processing of your loan application. These application forms are designed by the lenders only and so nothing additional/extra is asked of you.

We control the sharing of your information - We are a responsible business that acknowledges the privacy of user information. So, we limit the number of lenders whom your information is shared with in order to help you get approved for a loan.

We do not charge any application fee - We work in contract with the lenders and so we do not charge any fee for helping the consumers.

All the terms and conditions mentioned above apply only when you fill a loan application form through this website and not to surf through this website. For any additional questions or queries, please feel free to contact us through the contact us form.

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